Working From Home was never a new idea. However, the pandemic (COVID-19) thrust the majority of the world’s population into working remotely, which was a new thing for most. This sudden shift into a working pattern brought with it its fair share of challenges, but the bright sight was something few expected. In this article, we look at five of the most significant advantages that came out of working from home.

1.   Saving Money

Perhaps the most crucial benefit of working from home was a pleasant surprise to many. It is the amount of money everyone is saving every day by working remotely. People are saving bunches on lunch money, transportation expenses, and saving on the cost of keeping up with appearance. These are the most apparent factors contributing to everyone’s growing bank balance.

Plus, Setting up a home office also doesn’t cost much and is also much more preferable to people than their small cubicle. All in all, this particular silent benefit snowballs into a wide range of other perks like good health from home-cooked meals and reduced ingestion of pollution and stress courtesy of long traffic jams.

2.   Flexible Schedule

Another one of the most prominent and positive changes that came out of working from was working on your own seclude. The exhaustive 9 to 5 rule no longer bounds people. You can start and finish your work at any time that works for you and your productivity.

People that are often distracted during the day are choosing to work at night or in a way that is more suitable to them. Most people are taking out time for their family and other essential tasks. Without the stress or restrains of the office and commute time, people are feeling free and working with more zeal than ever before.

3.   Cozy Clothes

This one’s a no-brainer. Working from home means the freedom to wear whatever you want without the fear of judgment or the stress of keeping up with appearances. Although people are still preferring to abide by their daily routine of getting up early and dressing up, the freedom to dress the way they want is exhilarating. This liberty is not only new, cozy, and comfortable; it is also proving to be cost-effective.

4.   Knocking Off the To-Do List

An undeniable perk of working from home is you taking care of your long forgotten and dusty to-do list.  That big pile of laundry screaming to be washed? Those dusty cobwebs you wanted to clean forever? That reminder you set to do that thing 11 weeks ago?

Thanks to the flexible working timings and lot less stressful distractions, people are finding more and more time to do the things they have been putting off for a while. Some people are even structuring their break times around house chores. As a study of over 3000 people points out, doing these mundane yet essential tasks reduces stress, anxiety and prevents mental burnouts.

5.   More Time with Loved Ones

It is not a new idea when people choose to work over their loved ones. It is also one of the most regretful things people admit to their death bed. Working from home is enabling, if not forcing, people to spend more time with their families, taking care of the sick family members, showering pets with affection, or simply spending some quiet time with their loved ones. This is something that most people didn’t realize they were missing until they had a taste of it.

In a nuts shell, working from home presents us with its own set of unique advantages. Most of these perks are something the majority of the population was missing dearly or struggling to maintain balance. It just goes to show how the most unlikely of situations can have their own bright sides.