Whether you have children or want to take care of an unattended family member at home, a remote work setting offers all the perks you need. Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, the virtual platform like Arise was already helping clients connect with the best remote customer support.

Besides, gone are the days of traditional 9 to 5 office settings that offer employees fewer opportunities to realize their full potential. Remote work environment saves time and allows you to set your own schedule as per your requirements.

If you decide to work from home for Arise, here are some of the prerequisite equipment you should have beforehand:

Your First Step

When it comes to setting up an online call center platform like Arise, you will need specific home equipment and tech support to offer the best customer experience. Ordinarily, it is your sole responsibility to take care of the basic equipment to start working from home.

Technical Requirements to Work from Home

Although each call center’s remote work equipment requirements may vary, here are some generalized technical requirements that should be on your list:

Desktop or Laptop Specifications

You don’t necessarily have to get the most expensive laptop or gaming-configured desktop to work from home. That said, make sure your laptop or desktop PC contains all the minimum specifications. As a start, get the newest version of Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office to view or read relevant documents.

Ideally, you should have 8GB of RAM, sound speakers, 21” monitor, 3Ghz processor, 8th or 9th generation intel processor, and new macOS or Windows operating system to work from home. Furthermore, it would be best if you got a virus protection software.

Landline Service

Well, you should have a separate landline service from the home landline. Similarly, the calling features on your landline service should have features of voice mail and call waiting. Also, get a noise-cancellation microphone for a better listening experience to the customers.

Fast Internet Connection

You should have a fast broadband internet connection to check mail and instant messages on various applications. A wireless internet network inside your home is easy to connect to a computer at home. With a reliable internet connection, you can install applications such as Zoom or Skype to partake in important meetings.

What Else You Will Need?

Set up a separate work email account to receive emails from the company officials. Furthermore, make sure you have a file cabinet, printer, and back-up power supply at home. You should also get minor office supplies such as sticky notes or pads to note down ideas and offer better customer service.


Arise provides a distinct opportunity for talented individuals who want to gain control of their income. In fact, it is a chance to have a more balanced life and revel in the small pleasures of everyday home life. Arise helps connect Fortune 500 customers with thousands of home-based call center professionals.

You can be a part of this family and spend more time on things that matter. So long as you have the willingness and curiosity to fulfill the customers’ needs, you will succeed on the Arise platform. It is time to deliver complete call center services from the comfort of your home.