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The perfect IBO team to partner with.

Our Team has over 25 years of experience. A team you could trust.

Meet our amazing team members

Janet Fiallo

As Operations Coordinator for the company, I am responsible for assisting all of our CSP’s with Human Resources and General Issues.

Jarenys Fiallo

As the Benefits Provider of the company, I work closely with contractors and employees on providing the best benefits possible.

Antoni Fernandez

As the C.O.O of the company, I make the coffee while the C.E.O is the taster before we serve it to the employees. On a serious note, I oversee daily operations within the company and all partnered companies.

Zedrick Gilo

Zedrick is our founder and C.E.O. His vision is to empower more people to do what he did; work from home.

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