What We Offer

Andvaris is a premium staffing agency that provides top talent to companies of all sizes and scales in various industries to help them embrace the change for success. We help you stay ahead of your competition in the dynamic, ever-evolving, and uncertain work world. Through our professional, flexible workforce recruitment services, we help you rapidly deploy robust and highly productive staff that minimizes your costs while boosting your productivity and efficiency.

At Andvaris, we are a full-service staffing firm that offers flexible workforce recruitment services providing exceptional talent to companies of all types and scales. We offer the following recruitment services:

Direct Hire Staffing

Most employers find it challenging to find and recruit the top professional talent in their industry. Finding the right talent is indeed a time-intensive and challenging process. That’s why Andvaris work on your behalf to find the top-performing talent in your industry for direct hire staffing. Our pre-screened, vetted, and ready-to-hire talent is available to match your specific recruitment needs.

Permanent Staffing

Our trained and experienced team helps you build highly productive, successful, and permanent teams, focusing on employee retention. We fulfill your executive, senior, mid-level, and other position requirements for permanent staffing. Through our intensive recruitment process, we vet top candidates who have the professional experience and personal traits to quickly adapt to your company’s culture and work for its success.

Temporary staffing

We provide professional temporary staffing solutions to various businesses to facilitate during peak workload period, provide coverage for short-term staff absence due to PTO, maternity leaves, or vacation, and staff awarded contracts or finite projects.

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Zedrick Gilo
Zedrick GiloChief Executive Officer
Zedrick is our founder and C.E.O. His vision is to empower more people to do what he did; work from home.

Antoni Fernandez
Antoni FernandezChief Operating Officer
As the C.O.O of the company, I oversee daily operations within the company and all partnered companies.

Janet Fiallo
Janet FialloOffice Manager
As Office Manager for the company, I am responsible for assisting all employees and clients with any issues.
Carol Abelleira
Carol Abelleira Talent Acquisition Specialist
As the Talent Acquisition Specialist of the company, I make sure all of the new candidates get interviewed and screened.
Francisco Monzon
Francisco MonzonTalent Acquisition Specialist
As the Talent Acquisition Specialist of the company, I make sure all of the new candidates get interviewed and screened.
Michelle Morris
Michelle MorrisSupport Specialist
As the Support Specialist of the company, I answer all questions and concerns from our external work force.

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