Welcome to Andvaris An Arise IBO!

Partnership with Arise IBO

In order to bring you more work at home programs as an Arise IBO, we have partnered with the Arise Network, a proven work from home network that was first created to provide jobs to those with disabilities. These work at home professional job opportunities are perfect for parents, stay at home parents, students, anyone with a disability unable to work a brick and mortar job as well as the military and their spouses, just to name a few.

Company Growth

Andvaris Virtual Solutions has been offering these helpful work at home customer service job opportunities for well over two years as an Arise IBO. We have helped dozens of individuals including ourselves as we started by working a client and evolved into being able to support our Customer service professionals from dusk to dawn. By offering different channels of 24/7 support, we have been able to create a 48-hour turnaround to issues that would have taken us weeks beforehand.

We're There For You

We are different from most IBO's as we charge a flat fee of $40.00 per invoice. 50% of fees incurred with the enrollment of Arise IBO will be reimbursed after completing 45 working days with a CA of 95% and one star with the client. Once you have been working for 60 days, we also offer benefits such as retail discounts, theme park discounts and much more! Find out more by contacting us today about our work at home customer service job opportunities.






Pledge to Hire Veterans


Hired Veterans

Arise IBO

At Andvaris Virtual Solutions we strive to operate in a transparent work environment with a virtual open door policy where communication is key. We will answer your call and take care of any issues you have at any time. We believe in being someone that you can always count on. Our work at home job opportunities give you the flexibility to choose who you want to work for and when you want to work. We provide an interactive virtual portal for our customer service professionals as well as benefits. At Andvaris, it’s all about you and what we can do to make your work from home experience the most convenient!


Here at Andvaris Virtual Solutions, we offer a multitude of benefits to our work from home customer service professionals. All of these benefits are earned after completing 60 days of service.

  • Retail Discounts
  • Theme Park Discounts
  • CSP Portal (Self-service HR, Training, and Wiki)
  • Life, Health, Auto and Home Insurance
  • Investment Savings
  • Pre-Paid Legal Services
  • Tax Preparation for 1099
  • In-House Notary for your Arise Affidavit (Florida Only)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Computer Payment Plan

*Some benefits are provided by a third party*


Our support channel is open 24/7 which allows your issues to be resolved quickly. You can contact us through a toll-free number, by text, email, through social media, live chat and even the portal instant messenger. Our average response time is about an hour, so you can be rest assured that your issue or concern will be dealt with in a timely manner to keep you working and earning money from home.


What We Do

Over the last two years, we have brought together work at home moms, dads, veterans and even students to build a team of work from home customer service professional contractors. All of our agents are operating virtually within the United States while servicing businesses through our partnered company Arise Virtual Solutions.

Work Top Brands

As a work from home contractor with our network, you would have the opportunity to work closely with the top brands such as cable providers, telecommunications providers, theme parks, cruise lines, hotels and much more.


You will be able to work anywhere within the United States except for California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin. You can move freely between any of the other states available and still service your client without any issues.

Independent Contractors

When you partner with Andvaris as your Arise IBO, you will be considered an Independent Contractor to the IRS. This means that you are responsible for your own taxes. You will receive a 1099 for your work from home services throughout the year. Please remember it is your responsibility to file your taxes with the IRS annually.

Looking To Change Arise IBO

Are you servicing another under Arise IBO and looking to change to a different work from home opportunity? All you need to do is request to be released by that IBO. If you have an active SOW, then contact us ahead of time to assist with issuing a new one. You can also submit our transfer request and we'll get you started immediately.

Work For Us

The Work From Home industry has just started to grow. Be in the front line of innovation by working with us and taking control of your own workflow. We offer 24/7 support and the flexibility to schedule your work around your life and not your life around your work. Best of all, we provide you with all of the tools you will need to stay ahead of the curve!

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Getting Started

  1. Get Excited!

    Get ready to take control of your work life.

  2. Technical Requirements

    Please review all technical requirements needed to work from home before submitting application.

  3. Submitting Application

    Your first step in getting started is submitting an application on our website. You can do this by visiting our careers page.

  4. Arise Profile

    Once an application is submitted and received an e-mail from our Human Resources Department, you'll need to complete the Arise profile.

  5. Selecting IBO

    Congratulations! You will be able to join the Arise Network by picking an existing IBO, You'll be asked to enter our IBOID: 65949.

  6. Selecting A Client

    You are at the finish line! Pad yourself on the back. You did it! Now you just need to select a client from the list.

Ready to get started?

You'll need a few things before you get started.

You will need a USB Headset, Desktop or Laptop and a hardwired connection from your internet provider. This link will take you to our sister site which sells equipment that meets all of Arise Technical Requirements. Once you have the equipment or have ordered it, you will need to submit an application.


Theresa Marshall
Operations Manager
As Operations Manager, my methods keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.
  • Awesomeness 100%
  • Support 100%
  • Onboarding 100%
Jarenys Fiallo - Payroll & Benefits Manger
Jarenys Fiallo
CSP Manager
As CSP Manager, she deals with running payroll, renewing contracts and ensuring everyone is covered.
  • Awesomeness 100%
  • Payroll 100%
  • CSP's 100%
Antoni Fernandez - C.O.O
Antoni Fernandez
As the C.O.O of the company, I make the coffee while the C.E.O is the taster before we serve it…
  • Awesomeness 100%
  • Daily Operations 100%
  • Government Contracts 100%
Zedrick Gilo- C.E.O & Founder
Zedrick Gilo
Founder & C.E.O
Zedrick is our founder and C.E.O. His vision is to empower more people to do what he did; work from home.
  • Awesomeness 100%
  • Management 100%
  • Company Growth 100%

Why Us?

Here is why we are the best IBO within the Arise network!
Andvaris Competitor
IBO Fee $20.25 $25.00 - $50.00
24/7 Support Yes No
Next Day Funds Yes No
Company Portal Yes No
Contractor or Employee Yes No
Discounted Equipment Yes No
Equipment Payment Plan Yes No
Referral Fee $50.00 $25.00

CSP's & Partners

What our CSP's are saying

"Wonderful company! They held my hand through the whole process, answered all my questions and have made it super easy . I highly recommend them!"

Ann Testimonial


Barely started they have already been so helpful and available!

Jarrod Testimonial

"Excellent IBO! Very down to earth and personable approach to helping you get started with the right client. They're always available or return calls quickly to answer questions and assist with any training questions. Highly recommended!"

Theresa Testimonial

"Wonderful company! Understanding, professional and helpful beyond limits! Couldn't ask for a better company."

Darlene Testimonial

"Very upfront, professional and understanding people!"

Reeva Testimonial

"AVS has found a way to keep it real and personal. All dealing vs with Hector and his team make you feel like you are sitting in the same room and are welcome. The professionalism comes right through your monitor. Questions are answered completely and quickly and positive results are right behind your inquiries. Thanks again for a job well done."

Rhonda Testimonial

"Andvaris not only provided me with an at-home work solution but also processed my requests in a timely manner and helped me to work through any issues I had with ease. They take the time to make sure that your needs are met."

Givlett Testimonial

Some of our satisfied partners


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