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Where We Started

Every business deserves the best talent, no matter its size. That’s why, in 2014, Zedrick Gilo and Antoni Fernandez set out on a mission to make staffing services accessible to everyone. They started small, working from home and building a team of contractors for work-from-home positions. But they didn’t stop there. With each successful placement, they grew their contractor workforce and expanded their client base to include some of the biggest names in the business.

Fast forward to today, and Andvaris is a nationwide staffing powerhouse serving small and Fortune 500 companies. We’ve come a long way since those early days, but one thing remains the same: our commitment to providing the highest quality staffing services to businesses of all sizes. So whether you’re a small startup or a global giant, you can trust Andvaris to deliver the talent you need to succeed.

What Makes Us Different

Technology and automation are the keys to unlocking the full potential of staffing. That’s why we’ve made it the heart of everything we do. We’ve harnessed the power of automation to keep our talent pool engaged and responsive to find the best candidates faster than anyone else.

While most staffing companies take 40+ days to fill a position, we’ve cut that time down by a whopping 25-30% on average. This means you won’t have to wait long for the right person to come along.


Talent Pool


Days for placement

Our Process

The key to finding the perfect candidate is a comprehensive selection process. That’s why we’ve designed a process that combines multiple layers of assessment, screening, and interviewing to identify fit and skills in our candidates.

Our selection process starts with assessments that measure a candidate’s aptitude and abilities, followed by phone or video screening to gauge their communication skills. But we don’t stop there. We also conduct behavioral interviews to understand better how a candidate will fit within your organization and their ability to excel in the role.

Once we’ve identified the best candidates, we take it further by conducting a drug screen, background check, and client-specific orientation, depending on the client’s specific needs. By doing this, we can ensure that the candidate is fully prepared to excel in their role and meet the client’s expectations.




Engaged candidates per month

Minority Owned

We celebrate diversity and are thrilled to be a certified minority-owned company. This allows us to tap into a vast pool of talented individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives, bringing a unique and valuable perspective to our client’s workforce. Embracing diversity is not just a goal. It’s a core part of our mission. Join us in building a more inclusive future!


Officially Certificated


Minority Ownership

Our Executive Team

Our Executive team is a dynamic group of experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the staffing industry. They have a proven track record of success in building and managing teams, identifying top talent, and driving growth for our clients. Their deep understanding of the industry and their passion for excellence enable them to create customized staffing solutions that meet each of our client’s unique needs. They are dedicated to building long-term partnerships that drive results and deliver value to your business. With their leadership, we’re confident we can help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

Zedrick Gilo

Chief Executive Officer

Antoni Fernandez

Chief Operating Officer

Janet Fiallo

Account Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

Do you perform background/drug screening?2022-11-30T16:48:47+00:00


What is your selection process?2022-11-30T16:58:09+00:00

Our selection process is a combination of phone screening, assessments, interviewing to identify skills, a behavioral interview to identify where the person would be the best “fit,” and reference checks. Then, a drug screen, background check, and/or client-specific orientation are performed depending on a client’s specific needs.

How quickly can you fill a position?2022-11-30T16:58:35+00:00

Our ATS automation has allowed us to fill most core positions within 19-28 days. However, It depends on the skills and experience required. If your specific needs require a more specialized or rare skill set, we will give you a reasonable expectation for how long a search may take.

What are your timekeeping options?2022-11-30T16:58:38+00:00

Our customized system allows employees to key in their time on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Once they submit their time, an approval email is sent to the client, who either approves or rejects the time. Once the time is approved, it’s sent for processing.

Can your associates participate in our internal training programs and/or events, i.e., safety training, company picnic, and company incentive programs?2022-11-30T16:58:41+00:00

Absolutely. Temporary employees who feel like the client’s internal team members will be more connected, productive, and likely to stay with the company.

How do you administer employee coaching, if needed?2022-11-30T16:58:44+00:00

We regularly communicate with our clients and placed employees to identify what is going well and where improvement may be needed.

What if I am happy with an employee and want to hire them prior to the end of the contracted time frame?2022-11-30T16:58:47+00:00

We have an easy conversion process for any client who wants to hire an employee before the agreed-upon hours have been completed.

What happens if I am not happy with the employee you’ve assigned; am I obligated to hire them?2022-11-30T16:58:50+00:00

Call us. Our focus is finding the right fit for you.

Who does the employee work for?2022-11-30T16:58:52+00:00

Andvaris fills temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire positions. For temporary and temp-to-hire assignments, associates are employed by Andvaris. Direct-hire candidates are employed directly by the client.

Is there an initial fee to get started with Andvaris?2022-11-30T16:58:55+00:00

No. Our temporary and temporary-to-hire options are billed by the number of hours our employee has worked at your office or facility.

How will I be billed?2022-11-30T16:58:59+00:00

Invoices will be issued weekly and can be paid electronically.

Frequently Asked Questions by Job Seekers

Do you offer coaching prior to my interview with your clients?2022-11-30T17:35:33+00:00

Yes. We will do everything we can to set you up for success.

How can I get to the top of your call list?2022-11-30T17:22:05+00:00

Call your recruiter once a week and let them know if anything has changed in your job search.

If I don’t accept a position offered to me, will you call me again?2022-11-30T17:21:04+00:00

We understand that only some positions offered to you are going to meet your needs. However, we will consult with you to set reasonable expectations about the jobs available within the context of your goals and experience.

How long do job assignments last?2022-11-30T17:12:41+00:00

The length of our assignments is based on the needs of our clients and whether the position is temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct hire.

Do I have to call you when my assignment ends if I want another job?2022-11-30T17:12:17+00:00

Yes. We want to know whenever anything changes in your employment situation. This ensures that we can effectively help you find another position.

How often should I contact your office?2022-11-30T17:10:32+00:00

We recommend a weekly call to inform our recruiters that you are still actively seeking work or if anything has changed in your job search.

How do I get a job?2022-11-30T17:09:53+00:00

Once a recruiter contacts you, the process begins.

How do I get paid?2022-11-30T17:09:15+00:00

Andvaris pays a direct deposit on a weekly basis. You will receive your first paycheck on the following Friday and every Friday thereafter, as long as you work on an assignment at one of our client companies.

Do I have to pay for your services?2022-11-30T17:02:32+00:00

No. Our services are free to all job seekers.

Real-life results

We Generate Results for Our Candidates

We generate results for our customers

This has honestly been the easiest, yet most professional career recruiting agency I have ever gone through. I did my assessment last week, was connected with my employer for a formal interview a few days later and offered a position officially a few days after that. My recruiter Anthony has touched bases with me every step of the way and I was never once left wondering what's going on as I have been so many times in the past. If you're looking for employment I would HIGHLY recommend Andvaris!
We engaged Andvaris to support our company in various roles, and we were provided with excellent service and high-quality candidates. Working with them has been a positive experience, and their team has made the entire process exceptionally smooth.
Camille Wright
Camille Wright
From the initial consultation with Antoni to the final conversation, every step of our collaboration with Andvaris was marked by professionalism, efficiency, and a deep understanding of our unique hiring needs. What stood out most for me was their efficient process and responsiveness. Time is of the essence in recruitment, and Antoni, his brother Zedrick and their team understands this well. Thank you for providing excellence service!
I lost my job. I was actively looking for work. I came across them. They was very helpful very knowledgeable and understanding. I love working for them and the company they placed me with.
Chastity Baker
Chastity Baker
So far the experience has been positive. Zedrick was great. He made me feel good about the process. He is good at what he does.
Hazel Exson
Hazel Exson
I am thankful with Andvaris for making me part of their team.
I have had really good luck with this company. They answer my questions, helped me tremendously during the death of a loved one. I had just started an assignment and before my first day to actually go to work I had to be out for an entire week. They notified the company I was assigned to and did everything for me so I wouldn't have to stress over anything!!
I have had a pleasant experience with Andvaris. I was between jobs and Zedrick came to the rescue. I appreciate him keeping me informed about the questions I had.
Jameson Hopper
Jameson Hopper
I had a great experience with quick placement. I will only argue that it was tough getting my paid leave, paid. But it did happen. Thanks again for your quick assistance with getting me placed!
Crissy Taube
Crissy Taube
Great process. No complaints.
Tashlee B
Tashlee B
I appreciate how my recruiter Antoni went above and beyond for me. My experience with Andvaris has been great!
Awesome Organization to work for!! Amazing Establishment that cares about their employees!!! Thank you Andvaris Inc, for this prestigious opportunity to excel at a position that I love.
Melissa Battle
Melissa Battle
I am thoroughly enjoying working with Andvaris. My recruiter, Zedrick is a God-send and my HR Specialist, Ms. J, is as well.
Ettenna Kelly
Ettenna Kelly
Very professional agency and communication among management is great. Would recommend to anyone looking for employment.
shea Minor
shea Minor
Yisrah Smith
Yisrah Smith
Great company to work for. Always prompt. One phone call away
Step Johnson
Step Johnson
Just started with Andvaris and the experience has been great.
Denise Moore
Denise Moore
My recruiter, Antoni was absolutely great to work with. From the very beginning he was personable and knowledgeable. He made me feel at ease with my initial interview. I recommend Andvaris and Antoni.
wanda lynthacum
wanda lynthacum
Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones
Anthony and Jay are amazing ! Andavaris has been exceptional at assisting with my career goals !
Lisa Morabita
Lisa Morabita
They are very nice. They fight for you and with you throughout the whole process.
Michael Hixson
Michael Hixson
Great company thus far,and seamless hiring process. If there are any payment delays or additional info needed they immediately reach out. I gave this company four stars because they do not provide health insurance.
Reliable and transparent company
Prince J
Prince J
I have been working for advaris for about 9 months and they are awesome I’m so glad I came across this company it has made my work from home experience great
Haven’t had any issues with this agency since I’ve been hired.
Char Jack
Char Jack
After applying and being offered the position, they made the transition effortlessly easy. They done their part and allowed me to do mine in my new position. I sometimes forget I am even hired through them bc they do not bother you, they only send out email updates when times approved. I’d say for me, they are phenomenal
Daniella Ledet
Daniella Ledet
When I have applied to a job and I became hired. Andvaris staff treated me like a queen, very respectful, professional, the best attitude they could have. I had a very pleasant experience. Whenever I had a question they were there for me.Thanks a lot Andvaris 🙂💯
Krushenka Salem
Krushenka Salem
Had the pleasure of working with them for over a year. On every level, this agency exudes professionalism, and most importantly, concern for any potential issues. Looking for an employment agency, please look no further!!!
Roger Velazquez
Roger Velazquez
Andvaris is truly “The People Company”. I enjoy being on the team. I have had a few minor issues and currently battling covid . The team has amazing empathy and really wants you to grown and win in the position you are in. From the recruiter that is assigned to me all the way to hr. This has been a pleasant experience. This is my first time working with a staffing agency and I am honestly happy in all areas. Go Andvaris!!
Kim Kim
Kim Kim
Very professional and informative.
Ebony Lindsey
Ebony Lindsey
I love the staff at Andvaris they are dependable , kind and responsive! they made sure I was up to date in the entire hiring process. during the time I was under so much stress and was desperate for work , they just came and rescued me ! within a week I did an interview and got the job ! it was amazing ! i highly would recommend this agency for anyone in search and need of hiring services or trying to get staff for their personal company.
Awesome people and industry
Flexible hours, knowledge huddles and great teamwork
Joanna Chavez
Joanna Chavez
Wow! Andvaris is wonderful, they really care about their agents and go above and beyond to assist their agents with solutions! Highly recommend!
Michelle M
Michelle M
Very helpful and very professional. They offer help and "how to's" on just about every step, and if you get stuck they are just moments away online or Phone. Definitely staying with them.
Andvaris is a team of professionals that are responsive, helpful and goes the extra mile to ensure you're being taken care of. Your questions are answered promptly and support is always there when needed.
Alicia AN
Alicia AN
Before I worked as a support specialist, I was an agent under Andvaris. They have been so wonderful to me and have helped me with most clients I used to service. They respond very quickly with any issue I had. I am very proud to now work as a support specialist for a company that has helped me and cared for me. I couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism and quality they deliver. Thank you!!!
Andrea M
Andrea M
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