The staffing landscape is in flux, with staffing platforms offering an entirely new approach that marries technology with traditional staffing models. As the global market for these platforms reaches a scale of $21.0 billion USD in 2022, the benefits they provide are becoming clear. But while they offer convenience and flexibility, staffing platforms may not be the right solution for every business. Our survey data suggests staffing platforms rely on about half as many recruiters as traditional staffing firms yet employ nearly 8x as many technology workers. On the other hand, traditional staffing firms are countering the competitive threat with their own platforms, resulting in a steady increase of their market share. Additionally, new AI advancements are finding their way into staffing platforms, offering businesses improved job matching, customer support, drafting capabilities and more. Whether you’re looking to utilize a staffing platform or traditional model, there is still plenty of ground to cover to ensure the best fit for your business.