It’s a remarkable finding: despite 2020’s unprecedented economic disruption, tech employment in the US still managed to grow by 3.2% in 2022. According to CompTIA’s “State of the Tech Workforce” released today, that growth added an impressive 286,400 jobs to the US tech labor market!

“In a year of even more uncertainty than usual,” said Tim Herbert, CompTIA chief research officer, “the data continues to confirm the degree to which technology underpins so many facets of business activity across the economy and the breadth of employers reliant on technical and digital skills.” Indeed, the report shows more than 9.1 million people are employed in tech jobs, both technical and nontechnical, across all 50 states and the District of Columbia last year. In fact, Texas led the pack in terms of net tech employment growth, adding an estimated 45,331 jobs, while California ranked a close second, with 38,186 jobs.

Good news: CompTIA forecast a 3% increase in tech jobs this year, which is expected to add another 272,000 jobs to the US tech labor market. The report also mentions a few tech occupations that are likely to see growth this year