The platform provides detailed product analysis of talent technology.

As employers around the world continue to cope with a tight job market, talent acquisition professionals are searching for technological solutions to address their greatest challenge: reducing time to hire.

AMS Verified, a platform that provides professional analysis of talent technology, recently reported that 72% of its members searched for technology to reduce time to hire, making it the top-ranked search on the platform. This is closely followed by searches on increasing quality of hire (66%) and candidate satisfaction (50%).

These searches are reflective of the intense competition for talent, as employers face record vacancies with a significantly smaller workforce.

Nicky Hancock, managing director, Americas region, at AMS, said: “Our platform is designed to help talent teams find the right tools to best meet their needs. With the labor market continuing to be tight, it is essential that they have the right solutions in place to recruit, hire and retain the best talent.”

The data comes from over 150 talent acquisition professionals who use the platform, which was launched in October 2022.

By using AMS Verified, talent acquisition professionals can easily and efficiently find the best technological solutions for their recruiting needs