The sample included 500 hiring managers and 500 job applicants.

Since the launch of OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT, the hiring process has seen a major shift. According to a recent survey from ResumeBuilder, 61% of hiring managers reported an increase in qualified applications since ChatGPT launched.

The survey uncovered that 63% of respondents believed that candidates who used ChatGPT-generated materials appeared to be more qualified than those who didn’t, and 71% rated the quality of these materials as high or very high quality. What’s more, 91% of hiring managers said they receive application materials written by ChatGPT somewhat or very often.

However, despite the usage of AI assistants among hiring managers, 28% somewhat or strongly agreed that using ChatGPT is cheating, and 27% would be somewhat or very likely to reject a candidate who used ChatGPT.

The message is clear: Staying current on the latest technology is key for job applicants, and being mindful of the perceptions of hiring managers when utilizing AI assistants is essential.