As the labor market landscape has faced significant changes over the past year due to the pandemic, many employers are relying on staffing firms to fill their labor needs. Daniel Culbertson, Senior Economist at Indeed Hiring Lab, identifies valuable insight and trends from the “Indeed & Glassdoor’s Hiring and Workplace Trends Report 2023” concerning the increased need for flexible and remote work, wage inflation, and the DE&I landscape.

Culbertson’s research showed a sharp increase in the popularity of $20/hour searches on Indeed, indicating a change in the labor market and a demand for higher pay. The report found that neither the demand for remote work nor the job seeker interest in it have slowed down. Although the majority of jobs in the US labor market cannot be done remotely at all, employers can provide flexibility to on-site workers by offering shorter days, more flexible scheduling, and a stress-free, accommodating atmosphere.

A tight job market has taken shape, and staffing firms must take steps to optimize their recruiting and remain competitive. Culbertson advises that recruiting practices should be adjusted to take into account potential gaps in résumés or job-hopping trends, and to consider