As workers around the country grapple with the fallout of frequent layoffs and job insecurity, more and more people are looking towards freelancing as a viable alternative to full-time employment amidst uncertain economic conditions. A recent survey conducted by talent platform Fiverr found that 77% of US workers impacted by recent layoffs are planning to explore a career shift, with many turning to freelance work.

The survey revealed that 33% of respondents said they plan to freelance while looking for a new job, and 34% plan to keep a side hustle once they return to full-time work. Additionally, 32% noted that they no longer trust full-time employment and 56% said they appreciate the flexibility of not having a 9-5 job.

Fiverr CEO, Micha Kaufman, commented on the findings: “The economic downturn, particularly in the tech sector, and the associated wave of layoffs has initiated a talent migration. Skilled workers are now reconsidering their career priorities and exploring alternative work opportunities. As we have observed in the evolving community on Fiverr, freelancing has proven to be an appealing option for workers affected by layoffs, who are interested in exercising more control over their careers.”

The data collected in the survey highlighted the increasing