Exciting news! ClearCompany, an immensely popular Boston-based talent management platform, has taken a strategic step in the speculation game by investing in Growmotely, a global talent marketplace. In the current remotely-sensitive economy, Growmotely provides an excellent platform for people seeking more long-term, remote opportunities.

Sarah Hawley, the founder of Growmotely, is based in Austin, Texas. This partnership agreement gives ClearCompany users invaluable access to a talent pool of more than 30,000 contingent professionals worldwide at no additional cost. It also enables its users to increase their candidate flow by two to three times and at the same time, reduces payroll costs with the integrated payment solution.

This investment marks a milestone in revolutionizing the way businesses source talent, leveraging the strengths of both ClearCompany and Growmotely. We can hardly wait to see how this combined synergy will transform the present-day landscape of remote work.