With more workers turning to the gig economy for their primary income, the need for executive solutions that make it easier for workers to find work and get paid becomes even more apparent.

Gig work is becoming a much more important source of income for many workers today. According to the third annual Gig Payments Report by workforce payments platform Branch and Marqeta, a global payment card issuing platform, 61% of surveyed workers said they depend on gig work for their primary income – that’s a whopping increase from just 21% in 2021!

Moreover, the report found that 49% of workers surveyed had either left or plan to leave full-time employment to join the gig economy, a 40% jump from the year prior. Additionally, a whopping 66% of surveyed workers said they find it easy to pick up gig work and 55% felt they had more opportunities to pick up work this year compared to last year.

Unsurprisingly, inflation is the main driver for many workers seeking gig opportunities – 63% of workers reported that they have been picking up more jobs due to inflation and higher prices.

“The speed and ease in which workers can not only find work but also get paid are why they’re increasingly choosing the gig economy over traditional work to weather