Discover the key insights and trends of the staffing industry’s internal employee population with the 2023 Internal Staff Survey! Our ninth survey provides an in-depth look into the findings of the internal staff across the staffing industry, including reports on recruiting, remote work, training, retention, technology, diversity and inclusion, metrics, advice to new employees, operational structures, vendors, advice to clients, and competitive assessment. Learn who to recruit, the most effective methods, where to target, and what to say to candidates, as well as what types of training internal staff think would help them the most, and delve into the internal staff’s attitudes towards COVID-19, diversity and inclusion, and more. Gain helpful advice and feedback from internal staff to management about how to improve company operations, and to clients about their needs. Delve into what metrics staff should be measured by, operational structures that work better combined, and the vendors most frequently recommended by internal staff. Plus, assess your firm’s greatest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Don’t miss out on this important staff survey – unearth the necessary actionable insights to move your business forward!