Despite organizations’ efforts to put diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging policies in place, discrimination is still a concerning issue in the tech industry. A survey released today by tech jobs website Dice, a DHI Group Inc. brand, found that 24% of tech professionals experienced racial discrimination in 2022, up from 18% in 2021, and gender discrimination increased to 26% in 2022 from 21% in 2021.

The report indicated that certain groups were more likely to experience and perceive inequality. 53% of black tech professionals believed racial inequality occurs frequently or very frequently, whereas 30% of Hispanic and Latinx respondents reported experiencing it as well. 29% of white and 28% of Asian and Pacific Islander respondents also reported that racial discrimination happens regularly in the tech industry, including 19% of Asian Indian and Indian subcontinent professionals. Individuals with disabilities also reported a higher rate of racial discrimination at 43%.

51% of respondents who identified as women said gender discrimination occurs frequently or very frequently, compared to only 30% of men.

“These findings clearly show how important equality and belonging in the workplace are to all tech professionals, particularly those in underrepresented groups,” said Dice CEO Art Zeile. “Creating an inclusive environment where