Paycor, a Cincinnati-based human capital management software firm, recently made a major move to further enhance the skills of managers and frontline teams. The company has officially acquired Verb, an Austin, Texas-based microlearning platform designed to train workers in soft skills.

Swati Garodia, Chief Strategy Officer of Paycor, commented on the acquisition, enthusing, “We’re absolutely delighted to welcome the talented and passionate Verb team to the Paycor family! In today’s challenging job market, there are often talent shortages and changes happening at an incredible speed. Investing in upskilling internal teams and frontline leaders is critical for companies, regardless if they’re small or large.”

In addition to acquiring Verb, Paycor also has plans to integrate the program into its HCM platform and develop the new product Paycor Paths by the second half of 2021. This move comes after an acquisition of the recruitment platform Talenya last October.

The combination of the Verb and Talenya acquisitions is sure to further benefit the services Paycor offers, enabling businesses to better develop and utilize the skills of their managers and teams.