As the world of work becomes increasingly reliant on technology and artificial intelligence, Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) are taking steps to stay ahead of the game. The Conference Board recently surveyed 130 CHROs and found that 65% believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will benefit HR professionals over the next two years, not replace them. In fact, the survey showed an increase in hiring expectations, with 51% of CHROs planning to hire over the next six months, up from 42% in the previous survey.

IBM recently committed to replacing 7,800 jobs with AI over five years. However, CHROs are focusing their efforts on excluding travel and delaying non-critical employee development opportunities, as opposed to outright layoffs. The Conference Board CHRO Confidence Index also saw a rise in its second quarter reading, demonstrating CHROs’ more positive outlook on the economic future.

Overall, the survey gave an insight into the way CHROs are responding to the ever-changing landscape of work, and the potential to benefit from the implementation of AI. Indeed, it appears the use of AI is here to stay, and HR professionals are rising to the challenge.