Organizations are struggling to meet their employees’ expectations as employers contend with a new global workforce landscape. According to the recently released “2023 Global Re:work Report” by Kelly Services, businesses struggle to scale, retain and develop talent, leading to lower performance, missed business opportunities and disengaged employees.

The report found that 28% of talent are likely to leave their employer within the next 12 months due to an unsatisfactory work-life balance and lack of development opportunities. Furthermore, 43% of respondents reported having experienced non-inclusive behaviors at their current employer and 62% of those who plan to leave their roles within 12 months cited the same issue. Moreover, over 37% claimed that they work in a psychologically unsafe environment.

Senior VP of Kelly, Tammy Browning, highlighted the importance of employers adapting to changing employee needs in order to stay competitive. She commented, “Now more than ever, employers are struggling to keep up with the evolving needs of talent and risk falling behind if they don’t bridge the growing divide related to workplace expectations.”

The report also uncovered a worrying trend of “quiet quitting”, showing that 46% of executives have been affected by it in the last 12