Are you ready to find out which contingent markets are the most complex? Our report provides detailed analysis of 75 markets across 14 different complexity measures, ranging from staffing industry specifics, market maturity and regulations, to overall market measures such as economic uncertainty and political landscapes. Together, these measures help rank the relative complexity of establishing a contingent workforce program in each country.

We’ve identified Russia as the most complex contingent market. Northern African markets Algeria and Egypt rank second and third, respectively. Mexico (6th) and Kazakhstan (12th) are the most complex markets in the Americas and APAC. Mexico also experienced the greatest increase in complexity compared to last year.

On the other hand, Australia is the least complex market in this year’s analysis, followed by the Netherlands. European markets performed much better overall, accounting for six of the ten least complex markets. Canada (13th) and the United Arab Emirates (24th) are the least complex in the Americas and MEA regions. Notably, Slovakia improved the most this year, mainly due to a significantly better recovery from the pandemic.

Our accompanying web-based assessment tool allows you to tailor analysis to your business. The criteria used in this assessment can be weighted or