CompTIA’s analysis of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ job data from Friday revealed a mixed message when it comes to tech occupations: the number of tech occupations fell by 99,000 in April and the unemployment rate for tech occupations edged up to 2.3%. However, tech sector companies themselves increased staffing by 18,795 in April — the largest volume of monthly hiring since August 2022. Tim Herbert, CompTIA’s chief research officer, notes: “It was another all-too-familiar month of mixed labor market signals. The surprisingly strong tech sector employment gains were offset by the pause in tech hiring across the economy.”

CompTIA’s analysis showed that, in April, employers listed more than 300,000 job postings for tech positions — indicating a continued demand for tech talent across the country. Popular industries included those in administrative and support, finance and insurance, and manufacturing. The metropolitan markets with the highest number of job postings were Washington, New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In addition, the number of tech job postings that specify remote or hybrid work arrangements rose in April, with more than 65,000 positions across the US.