Our latest survey reveals fascinating insights into the world of temporary work in North America. We found that median wages vary greatly depending on the occupation, ranging from $17 per hour for production workers to $71 per hour for architecture and engineering workers. Generally, most temporary workers reported a 40-hour workweek, while the median assignment length ranged from three months (for healthcare practitioners) to twelve months (for architecture and engineering workers).

We also discovered that temporary workers usually sign up with one agency, though 25% of workers in five occupations reported two or more agencies. Generally, temporary work careers seem to be a limited experience, of about two to three years. However, in four occupations, a quarter of temporary workers reported a temp career of eight years or more. The median number of assignments held by temporary workers over their careers was between two to four altogether.

Our survey also identified the differences in temporary worker demographics across occupation. The most male-dominated occupations were architecture and engineering, and computer and mathematical, while the most female-dominated occupations were office and administrative; healthcare practitioners; healthcare support; and education, training, and library. The most racially diverse occupational categories were business and financial operations; computer and mathematical; office and administrative support; and production