As the world recovers from the pandemic, global staffing market revenue is forecast to grow modestly in 2022, following an exceptional rise in 2021. We expect muted global growth to remain in 2023, although a few key staffing markets are anticipated to see double-digit increases. Looking further ahead, estimates for 2024 start to show some improvement.

The US, Japan, and UK make up the majority of worldwide staffing revenue, with twelve more countries generating at least USD 6 billion. Comparing our figures to 2019 figures shows that global staffing revenue is expected to be 18% higher in 2023.

Take a closer look at the individual strengths and weaknesses of the Most Attractive Staffing Markets Globally 2022 with our new report. It is important to bear in mind that some figures in the report may vary due to rounding.

Overall, the global staffing market is predicted to make a strong recovery in the following years with promising increases in revenue.