Are you interested in acquiring a staffing firm? Our comprehensive report examines the preferences of 304 staffing firms regarding the type of acquisition target that they would be most interested in pursuing. Healthcare and IT staffing were the most popular choices for target segments, with 59% of the companies reporting one of the two as a first preference. Additionally, 279 firms indicated the United States as a first-choice target geography. Among the five possible US region choices, the Northeast was selected most frequently, followed by the Midwest, Southeast, West, and South.

For those looking to understand more on the view of potential acquisition targets, we’ve included a sample of the companies and their preferences. Our full list of companies appears on pages 6 through 43 of the downloadable report, with a table of contents on page 3, so you can easily find the information that’s right for you. Along with segment preferences and target geographies, 85 firms also provided open-answer comments regarding their target criteria.

If this report has piqued your curiosity and you’d like to learn more, download the full ‘Companies looking to acquire workforce solutions firms 2023’ report today and get the information you need to make an informed decision.