Do you want to find out the latest trends on temporary workers’ interviewing preferences? What are they saying about virtual interviews and in-person interviews?

According to our North America Temporary Worker Survey 2023, we have identified some key findings related to the interviewing preferences of temporary workers.

Overall, temporary workers had a strong preference for virtual interviews. However, there were notable variations in preferences based on the demographics of the temporary worker.

Among those who said that they preferred virtual interviews, seven reasons were cited: 1) convenience, ease and time/cost savings; 2) feeling less anxious and more confident during the remote interview; 3) logistically easier and more reliable; 4) already wanting to work remotely, so virtual makes more sense; 5) wanting to avoid the risk of COVID-19; 6) not wanting to take the risk of expenses for a job they may not get; 7) not convenient to travel due to the nature of their work.

On the other hand, temporary workers who preferred in-person interviews, shared five reasons: 1) the need for a stronger interpersonal connection; 2) wanting to learn more during the site-visit; 3) feeling better when interviewing in person; 4) not