In our 2023 Market Share report on US healthcare staffing, 103 firms are estimated to have generated $50 million or more in revenue, accounting for a total of $61.7 billion in revenue – which equates to nearly 90% of the overall US healthcare temporary staffing market. Our market size estimates, which are updated from our April 2023 Forecast report, include travel nurse ($42.0B), per diem nurse ($7.6B), locum tenens ($6.1B), allied healthcare ($12.0B) and international nursing ($0.9B).

These companies have been ranked in order of revenue size, but this ranking should not be taken to imply that a higher rank means better service or value to its shareholders. Additionally, revenue shown should be regarded as an estimation due to the staffing firms varying in degree of financial transparency and when providing information, it may have been adjusted for accuracy and consistency.

Ultimately, these estimates give an insight into the US healthcare temporary staffing industry’s landscape, but due to varying transparency and availability of information from year to year, these estimates may not be comparable to prior years. For more information on the methodology of this report, please see page 23.