Discover the top 20 engineering staffing firms globally in 2022 with our latest market share report. According to Staffing Industry Analysts’ estimates, the global engineering staffing market was worth USD 39.6 billion in 2022, with the top 20 firms generating an estimated USD 13.2 billion in revenue – that’s 33.3% of the entire market.

We ranked the firms by revenue size, but remember, this ranking should not be taken to imply that a firm with a higher rank provides better service or more value – this is simply according to industry custom. We must also stress that due to varying degrees of financial transparency from staffing companies, and even when a company is forthcoming with information, we reserve the right to adjust the data for the sake of consistency. So any revenue figures shown should be considered estimations by Staffing Industry Analysts.

Our market share report is an accurate “big picture” reading of the global engineering staffing industry. But note that as transparency and availability of information from staffing companies can vary from year to year, these estimates may not be comparable to those of previous years in all cases. Therefore, we have not displayed prior-year revenue estimates in this report.

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