Do you want to get a better understanding of the US marketing/creative temporary staffing industry? Our market share report estimates that 16 firms generated at least $25 million in US marketing/creative temporary staffing revenue in 2022, resulting in total revenue of $2.1 billion. Furthermore, we believe that this list can be used accurately to get a “big picture” reading of the industry landscape.

For this report, we have ranked companies in order of revenue size to get a full view of the market. Please note, however, that this ranking should not be interpreted as a measure of quality or performance. We also adjusted data for accuracy and consistency, so the revenue figures should only be considered an estimation.

What’s more, we have identified four firms that weren’t included in our previous report: Mondo, Superbeo, Synergis, and The Planet Group. If you’d like to get more details on our methodology, please refer to page four of our report.

Now that you’ve gotten an overview of the US marketing/creative temporary staffing industry, are you ready to get the full story? Click the link below to download our market share report and learn more!