Recruit-Train-Deploy (RTD) models offer an alternative to traditional staffing and education models as they open the talent pool and provide an effective solution to filling up expanding skills gaps, particularly in technology. With employer-paid models, the training component shifts the focus to placing long-term successful candidates in FTE roles as the ultimate goal. While there’s a large upfront investment associated with recruit-train-deploy which can run anywhere from several weeks to several months, the value proposition behind it is undeniable. With RTD models, companies have access to diverse talent and dedicated, invested professionals that can move up the ladder in the organization, with little to no conversion fees. Many companies are implementing RTD models, and within the US the pure-play providers usually specialize in technology and data analytics. With the expansion of AI, there’s an increasing demand for technology skills which RTD models can provide a remedy for. Equip yourself with the latest insights into the Recruit-Train-Deploy model, and discover the solutions to your staffing problems!