Venture capital has played an increasingly important role in the growth of the Workforce Solutions Ecosystem over the past 15+ years. Since 2008, venture capitalists have invested over $59 billion into 3,508 workforce solutions startups across 5,668 funding rounds. Tiger Global Management, Y Combinator, and Techstars are the most active investors in this space, but our research identified 1,457 venture capital firms from around the world that have also played a part in investing into the Ecosystem. Within the Other Talent Acquisition Technology category, Online Job Advertising has seen the highest number of venture deals with 841 transactions, followed by Sourcing Automation Tools (230) and Interviewing Platforms (211). Median capital raise for Seed deals was $1 million, Series A typically represented a significant jump to $6.5 million at the median, and Series E median swelled to just over $100 million. These investments have provided invaluable rocket fuel to startups in the Ecosystem, allowing them to become the disruptors of the future.