Since the beginning of the year, we’ve paid close attention to the 2023 reports on the Largest Staffing Firms in the US and Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms in the US. Now, we have fresh insights into the list of companies that would have made the cut – as well as updated figures on those who were already on the radar.

Let’s delve deep into the Largest Staffing Firms in the US. Take Travel Nurse Across America, for instance. In our initial report, they ranked 36th, and their US staffing revenue for 2022 was estimated to be $986 million. But now, it’s been revised to $1,019 million. Also, Advantis Medical Staffing had a US staffing revenue of $254 million – qualifying them for the report. Other names that fit the criteria are Black Diamond Networks, Jobot and D&Y.

Next, we’ll have a look at the Largest Healthcare Staffing Firms in the US. It appears Spire Healthcare generated $56 million in US staffing revenue in 2022, with a revised figure of $48 million for US travel nurse staffing revenue. As for Allied Healthcare Staffing, Therapy Source brought in $32 million.