Discover the latest insights from SIA’s MSP Global Landscape and Differentiators 20231101 report. The report identifies providers who are actively investing in and developing their MSP services, driven by buyer demand in order to generate greater efficiencies and broaden their service portfolio. Key findings include:

Robust growth in the MSP market has seen global spend under management increase by 16% to a record $225 billion in 2022, following a 30% market increase in 2021 and only a 1% decline in 2020.

MSPs are leveraging artificial intelligence to automate and streamline their services, while responding to buyer interest in direct sourcing by advancing their talent curation services, technology solutions and partnerships.

Analytics and benchmarking capabilities continue to improve, with even smaller providers having defined business intelligence capabilities. These solutions increasingly incorporate multiple data sources and machine learning to provide predictive and prescriptive analytics.

MSPs are also being called upon to help buyers improve the diversity of their supplier and contingent workforce base. This includes partnering with industry experts to align contingent workforce diversity programs with wider organizational goals.

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