It’s no surprise that nearly two-thirds of staffing firms offer some kind of training to their temporary workers. While the most common type is free online courses, offered by 36%, some firms are taking a more proactive approach. 22% actively provide in-house training and 27% offer both client specific courses and pre-screening for training programs.

What kind of training are staffing firms providing? Health and safety is by far the most popular, with 31% of staffing firms training their temps in the field. Following that, 20% offer client specific training and 19% offer courses in computers, software, MS Office, and technology.

Industrial staffing firms are particularly active in the training field, with 78% of them providing training to their temporary workers. What’s more, these firms are twice as likely as other staffing firms to either match training to client needs or pre-screen their candidates for training offered by clients.

Overall, it’s clear that staffing firms are dedicated to helping their temporary workers reach their full potential. From free online courses to client specific training, staffing firms are paving the way for their temps to reach their professional goals.