Staffing executives may not be sure of what internal staff are looking for in terms of satisfaction, but a recent survey conducted by a North American staffing company has shed some light on the matter. Executives were asked to identify the number one driver of internal staff satisfaction, and while work/life balance and the prospect for good career opportunities were the two most popular responses, these two factors only accounted for 40% of the responses.

The remaining 60% of responses were split among eight different potential priorities. But how did their perceptions compare to those of the people they were asking about?

The survey revealed that staffing executives undervalued the importance of their own role, the impact of company fairness, and access to good tools and equipment. On the other hand, they overvalued the importance of pay and benefits and work/life balance.

So, understanding what staff really want from their job satisfaction may be more complex than it initially seems. To find out more about the survey results, please contact your nearest North American staffing company representative.