The global gig economy is estimated to be worth an incredible USD 3.8 trillion by 2022, according to a recent report from SIA. This figure is generated by organisations serving other organisations (B2B), which makes up the majority of the report. However, it also includes those providing services for consumers (B2C) and this market size.

Within the parameters of this report, the contingent workforce is broken down into five areas:

1. Temporary workers assigned via a staffing agency.

2. Temporary workers sourced independently (no staffing agency).

3. Self-employed and working alone (independent contractors).

4. Statement of Work (SOW) consultants employed by consultancy firms.

5. Temporary workers sourced via talent and work services platforms.

The report takes into account 18 countries which make up around 90% of the global contingent spend.

If your SIA membership covers the Americas, this research report should be read in conjunction with the US Gig Economy 2023 report.