Are you curious as to how total compensation for executives at staffing and workforce solutions firms has changed in the last year? Our recent study has revealed a median increase of 4.0% in total compensation over the course of 2022. The median total compensation in 2022 was an impressive USD 1,705,074.

Firms in the Americas reported the highest median compensation at USD 2,698,890, while those based in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa reported a median compensation of USD 955,237. For firms with UK headquarters, total compensation decreased a median 2.6%.

In terms of compensation as a percentage of revenue and market capitalization, the values we found were 0.06%, 0.14%, and 0.34% respectively at the 25th, median, and 75th percentiles.

Data also showed variability in the structure of compensation across different regions. With respect to base salaries, US firms reported 27% of total compensation, while those headquartered in continental Europe reported 65%.

The two highest-paid executives in the study group were Jonas Prising, CEO of ManpowerGroup Inc. at a total compensation of USD 13.1 million, and Gary D. Burnison, President and CEO of