As contingent workforce programs continue to innovate and find alternatives to sourcing great talent, the concept of direct souring has grown rapidly in both interest and importance. It allows the enterprise client or MSP to connect directly with a larger, more diverse candidate pool of both passive and job seeking candidates. The business case for direct sourcing is widely accepted now, with 79% of large organizations having or expecting to explore the approach within the next two years. It’s estimated that while only 1% of current contingent workforce spend is sourced directly (i.e. without a staffing supplier) this figure is expected to rise to 10% in the next 2 years.

The interest in direct sourcing is a result of the widening gap for qualified talent, and it allows the client to utilize their brand as an attractor to potential candidates. The potential benefits are plentiful, including access to high quality, diverse talent, enhanced candidate engagement, cost reductions, and speed to hire.

However, direct sourcing can be a complex process. It requires a strategic approach involving a combination of organization readiness, technology, and program oversight. Finding the right technology to assist is key, as it can help automate and maintain talent pools, usually beyond the capabilities of most VMS and ATS tools.