A recent study of over 4,000 travel nurses has revealed some key findings that could have major ramifications for the future of the industry. Burnout has the potential to drastically reduce the ranks of travel nurses by 9% in the next year alone, and it is driven not only by workload, but even more, by lack of respect.

Pay is still the number one priority for travel nurses when selecting an agency, but the survey results showed that what really sets the most desirable agencies apart is their ability to provide a “human” touch. Despite this, travel nurses still hold staffing firms accountable for the facilities they work in and prefer those with a “relational” approach over a “transactional” attitude.

Interestingly, the survey also showed that while travel nurses are expecting to increase their usage of platforms in the near future, the “last mile” problem of selecting assignments through technology alone could still require human intervention, even if it is limited.

These results have major implications for the future of travel nursing and indicate that recruiting professions may need to think more carefully about how to provide the best possible experience for the travelling workforce. To further consider the findings of this study in detail, please access the complete report