US Staffing Industry Has Slow Start to 2024

New data from the latest SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator shows that the US staffing industry experienced a decrease in working hours for the first week of 2024. This data, released weekly, compares the current week to the same week in the previous year and is benchmarked against data from the week ending January 13th, 2019.

Year-over-year changes for the week ending January 6th

The Indicator revealed a -15% decrease in temporary staffing hours worked compared to the same week in 2023. This decline was largely due to business closures during the holiday season.

On a week-over-week sequential basis, temporary staffing hours worked decreased by -8.0%. Commercial temporary staffing hours were down -9.3% while professional temporary staffing hours were down -3.3%.

Year-over-year change in US staffing, professional staffing, and commercial staffing

The US Staffing indexed value, which weighs the US staffing industry mix of professional and commercial jobs, was 73 for the week ending January 6th. This reflects a decline from the previous week’s reading of 79 and the week before that of 90, as shown in the graph below.

Commercial staffing has also seen