US Staffing Hours Continue to Lag Behind Pre-Holiday Levels

Staffing firms in the US are still experiencing a lower volume of temporary staffing hours compared to the same time before the holiday season. According to the most recent SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator, which measures temporary staffing hours worked on a weekly basis, there has been a -13% decline in year-over-year staffing hours for the week ending February 3, 2024. This is a slight improvement from the previous week, with week-over-week data showing a 2.8% increase in temporary staffing hours.

The indexed value for US staffing, which reflects the mix of professional and commercial temporary jobs, was 87 for the week ending February 3rd. This is a slight increase from the previous two weeks, which saw values of 84 and 81, respectively. The indexed value for commercial staffing was 72, while professional staffing saw a value of 128. This suggests that while both sectors are experiencing a decline in temporary staffing hours, professional staffing is faring slightly better.

It is worth noting that these data may be subject to revision, and the most recent week’s data is the most likely to change. Additionally, anecdotal reports indicate that winter storm disruptions have contributed to the