Discover the Latest Trends in Temporary Work and Remote Work

Did you know that half of all temporary workers have worked remotely at least some of the time in 2023? It’s a growing trend that is here to stay. However, not all occupations have embraced remote work equally. So, which industries are leading the way and which ones are still hesitant?

But that’s not all. How are employers monitoring the productivity of remote temporary workers? And what do temporary workers value the most when it comes to remote work?

Our 2024 North America Temporary Worker Survey provides valuable insights into the prevalence of remote work among temporary workers. We surveyed a diverse group of temporary workers to understand their experiences and opinions on remote work. Here are some of the key findings:

– Remote work is highly valued by temporary workers, with 61% giving it a high rating on a scale of importance.
– More than half of temporary workers would consider taking a pay cut if they could work remotely.
– Communication, onboarding, and equipment were noted as the top three factors that staffing firms and clients could improve to enhance the remote work experience.

Whether you’re a temporary worker looking to negotiate for remote work or an employer trying to navigate this new style of work, our survey results can help you understand