Exciting news for Futuris Co. (OTCMKTS: FTRS) investors – revenue for the quarter ending January 31st came in 25.6% higher than the same period last year, with a total of $10.5 million!

Futuris has been on a growth spurt in the last year, with the acquisitions of LotusUSA, the IT staffing division of Savantis Solutions LLC, Physical Therapy Rehab Associates, and Affordable Rehab Services. This expansion has helped the company build a global network of solutions, staffing, and technology companies in order to become a consolidator of firms.

The stock is currently trading at 0.089 cents per share, and the company’s market cap is at the impressive figure of $4.9 million. Despite a small 0.92% dip in the market, Futuris’ stock is still 45.63% up since their 52-week low!

All in all, it looks like Futuris is continuing to make progress in the market, and investors are surely pleased with the results!