An overwhelming majority of upcoming US graduates have already accepted a job, according to a survey by LaSalle Network. The survey includes responses from more than 2,500 2023 graduates, who cited career growth opportunities, company culture and benefits as the most important factors for choosing an employer.

With so many graduates entering the workforce soon, nearly 50% of respondents expect a promotion within the first year in the role, and 44% plan to stay in their job for less than two years. Furthermore, 86% of respondents cited economic insecurity as their reason for continuing their education, with 55% pursuing an advanced degree.

When it comes to job searching, 70% reported using ChatGPT, 58% said they have accepted a first position with a salary of more than $50,000, and 4% indicated they would prefer to work remotely full time. The top benefits desired are insurance coverage for therapy, medical coverage, and a flexible spending account, while the top perks sought include flexible hours, gym reimbursement, and in-office perks. While salary compensation, job security, and meaningful or challenging work are the top motivators for upcoming graduates, imposter syndrome, feeling a sense of belonging in their company, and salary compensation are the top concerns survey respondents