Are you prepared for a prolonged economic downturn? For most, it can have a profound impact on their Contingent Workforce (CW) programs. But, rather than fearing the worst, there is an opportunity to adapt, innovate, and come out even stronger.

It’s a sentiment shared by a panel of industry experts, who gathered recently to discuss the current economic climate and the possibilities of optimising CW programs of different sizes and maturity stages. Peter Reagan, Senior Director of the CWS Council at SIA, moderated the discussion between Mathias Linnemann, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Worksome, and Shannon Swift, Senior Procurement Manager at Accenture.

During the session, the trio explored how to avoid stagnation and remain strategic during a crisis situation, delving deep into the potential impacts of a market downturn on the contingent workforce, and the specific combinations of tools leading organisations are using to innovate their programs for the future.

With their combined insights, it was determined that CW directors who focus on innovation during a downturn are better placed to not only weather the storm, but to emerge from the situation in a stronger and more competitive position.