The healthcare staffing sector is expected to be booming in the coming years, with SIA estimating that it will reach an incredible $64.4 billion by 2022. That’s more than triple the market size in 2019!

Recent trends suggest that this industry is about to get a lot more competitive. A closer look at all four segments of the healthcare industry reveals that job openings will consistently outnumber hires. This means that employers are going to have to work hard to find qualified staff, while job-seekers will have plenty of opportunities to find their ideal job.

The Healthcare Staffing Report has been keeping a close eye on the latest industry trends, and released a newsletter this month forecasting what we should expect to see in 2023 and 2024. From rapid growth rates and dynamic job openings, to continued imbalance of demand over supply, the future looks promising and full of opportunity for those seeking careers in healthcare staffing.

So, if you’re looking for a dynamic and ever-growing career choice, now’s the time to jump into the healthcare industry. The opportunities are ripe for the taking, and with the market size set to more than triple in the next two years, the future looks bright indeed!