The Spring 2023 Business Trends Index shows that businesses are turning to a diverse set of platforms, technologies, and expertise to ensure their future success. From AI and short-form video content to e-commerce operators, organizations are exploring innovative solutions for their changing customer landscapes, and tapping the freelance talent on Fiverr to make it happen.

Companies are increasingly turning to technology, platforms and external expertise to fuel the success of their businesses. According to Fiverr International Ltd’s Spring 2023 Business Trends Index, released today, searches on the platform have seen a surge in the past six months in areas such as AI technology, short-form video content and shopping strategy.

In the US, searches for Claymation recorded the largest increase of 18,654%, indicating the popularity of the platform for animation. AI and brand identity design followed close behind, up 1,121% and 968%, respectively. AI and short-form video content have seen immense growth, with searches for YouTube Shorts editors and creators up by 64,624%, suggesting the platform might compete with popular apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Business owners also see the value in tapping into freelance talent to help elevate their companies. Searches for strategists on