Fama, the Los Angeles-based online talent screening provider, has announced their acquisition of Social Intelligence, a Santa Barbara-based online background screening firm.

Through this acquisition, Fama will expand their network of background screening partners by more than 75% to better serve their customers and meet the evolving needs of employers, search firms, and investors.

Founded in 2010, Social Intelligence provides insights and online data for employment decisions. It has hundreds of clients and 80 HRIS partners.

Fama uses AI technology to search over 10,000 online public sources to detect fraudulent or illegal activities and identify extreme behaviors that are detrimental to the workplace. To date, they have delivered over 45 million reports to nearly 1,200 customers.

“We believe this acquisition is a win for everyone. It marks a landmark for both Fama and Social Intelligence, and it’s a huge leap forward for the background screening industry,” said Ben Mones, founder and CEO of Fama.

The details of the acquisition remain undisclosed, however, Mones affirmed that the acquisition will continue to bring value to employers, search firms, and investors.