With nearly half of healthcare workers feeling undervalued, it’s no wonder many are considering leaving their jobs for better pay, work-life balance or feeling burnt out. The Keep Financial’s Healthcare Attrition Report released today revealed that 85% of respondents would accept an upfront cash bonus, beyond existing compensation, in exchange for staying with their company for a specified period.

The top reasons for leaving a healthcare job include a need for better pay, feeling of being undervalued, burnout, better opportunities and an improved work-life balance. An alarming two-thirds of these workers who feel undervalued are considering leaving their company in the next year.

If healthcare organizations could address this retention challenge with an upfront cash bonus, healthcare workers said their financial priorities would be paying off debt, saving for retirement, investing, and setting up an emergency fund.

Rob Frohwein, the Founder and CEO of Keep Financial, sheds insight into the increasing mobility, shorter geographic commitment, and demanding yet necessary roles of healthcare professionals. He notes that in order to tackle this massive industry challenge, a more innovative solution must be implemented.

With findings from 300 healthcare workers, it’s clear that the strain of the healthcare system is becoming