As artificial intelligence breakthroughs continue to revolutionize the world of software development, developers are rapidly adjusting their skills to keep up with the latest advances. According to a survey released today by HackerRank, 82 per cent of developers believe AI will redefine the future of coding and software development, and 75 per cent are consciously developing their skills in preparation for the anticipated shift.

An AI revolution is quickly transforming what it means to be a developer and write code, said co-founder and CEO of HackerRank, Vivek Ravisankar. This revolution, he continued, promises faster innovation than ever before, a more democratized development process, and expanded opportunities for developer creativity.

As AI makes its way into the workplace, employers are feeling the pressure to find, hire, and nurture teams with the technical skills to capitalize on advancements in AI. Meanwhile, access to AI-based assistant tools are changing the way development work is done, automating many of the more mundane or tedious tasks and freeing up space for more abstract thought and creative problem-solving.

HackerRank’s survey was conducted among over 42,000 developers across the globe in February and March, and the results of the survey were further examined alongside recent technical