The largest employment gains in the province were in part-time work (+31,700) and private sector (+21,700).

Today, Statistics Canada revealed good news on employment in Canada as the job market saw a notable increase in April from March. With an additional 41,400 jobs, the Canadian labor market now has more than 20.1 million employed individuals.

Part-time jobs saw a hefty increase, with 47,600 added in April, the first considerable growth since October 2022. On the other hand, full-time employment only saw a decline of 6,200. The private sector added 9,200 jobs in April and the public sector tacked on 13,300, while the self-employed increased by 19,100.

Ontario was the leading province on employment growth, with 32,700 jobs added in April from March. The largest gains were in part-time work (+31,700) and the private sector (+21,700).

The good news from the employment report was slightly offset by the fact that Canada’s unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.0% since December 2022. Nonetheless, the numbers showed a welcome about-face from the gradual decreases seen in the previous months.