It’s no surprise that a rude workplace can have a profound negative effect on a company’s performance, but did you know that 91% of professionals report that it does? According to a Korn Ferry survey, a shocking 52% of respondents said that a rude workplace has a “significant negative impact” and 81% find it challenging to focus after experiencing rude behavior. Worse yet, over half of respondents revealed that if a star performer behaved badly, their company wouldn’t do anything about it.

Remote working doesn’t necessarily make things better. The survey found that 59% believe it has made it easier for employees to be rude. This includes rude comments, not responding to emails, and multi-tasking during virtual meetings.

However, the study revealed that 54% of respondents would at least speak out and let their colleagues know if they experienced rudeness. This indicates that many do take a stand against bad behavior in the workplace.

With over 595 professionals responding to the survey, it’s clear that rudeness in the workplace is a problem and employers need to pay attention to how things get done in the office – not just what gets done. Otherwise, a company could face a damaged reputation and high employee turnover.